I was originally from Indiana, but I have lived in Michigan, Missouri, California, Washington State and back to Indiana.  I am a Portrait/Art Photographer, but I am also known to do Fashion, Commercial,  Advertising and Event work.   I am currently residing in the Midwest, but often travel for destination photo shoots.

My passion and obsession is photography and an ever increasing interest in videography.  My ‘style’ is an accumulation of 25 years of study, observation and practice of all things photographic and visual.

My first and foremost concern is to have a connection to the people that I photograph.  I want to know their stories and what is beneath the surface.  I believe this to be an integral part of what separates ‘simple photography’ from  ‘artistic photographs’.

I enjoy a mixture of digital, medium-format, toy, pinhole and 4x5 cameras.  I want my photographs to be unique to that of anyone else.  I will climb, jump, crawl, lift, stand, hover, stretch, bend, reach and often lie on the ground to get exactly the right angle for a shot.

Blend all of the above and a mania for color, or sometimes a lack there of, and you have my work.

Thank you for looking.

~Rebecca Stone